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Organic Pine Bark


 Give you garden a finishing touch by mulching your beds and borders with best quality pine bark mulch. Kent Gardens imports speciality pine bark directly from Latvia, renown for it's high quality. These products come from the family funded company "Basteji" which is the first and leading manufacturer in Eastern Europe and meets EU quality standards and UK import regulations. Products come straight from the factory which means we can keep prices competitive. The pine bark mulch can be bought as an extra whilst we are maintaining your garden or purchased directly from us.

Bark mulch not only looks good and gives plants unique look but also
. provides high biological activity into the soil;
. Increases the content of mineral substances by a slow decaying process;
. Provides optimum level of moisture and air into the soil;
. Prevents soil freezing in a cold weather and prevents heat up too much in hot weather;
. Prevents weeds to go through the mulch layer and spreading, if it is correctly applied. An effective and ecologic way to fight unwanted weeds;
. Protects plant roots from mechanical damages;
. Provides an excellent ornamental visual effect.

  Natural pine bark mini mulch 0-5 mm.
. Mini mulch is a wonderful soil covering material for ornamental heather, as well as for strawberry beds to keep fruit off the soil, that way limiting expansion of disease and reduces the possibility of decaying.

. Mini mulch is suitable for all summer flowers and wintergreens, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, low hight needle leaf trees, plant growth peonies, magnolias. It improves soil structure, is used to make compost for balcony, terrace crocs and boxes.

. Mini mulch is best spread around plants in the spring in approximately 5-7 cm thick layer. Later, in the autumn, after removing remains of cultivated plants and weeds from the soil, mini mulch can be mixed into the soil.

. Mini mulch can also be added to the soil right in the process of planting by mixing it in proportion- 1 part of mini mulch with 3-5 parts of an arable layer.

. The pure pine mini mulch can be used also as an absorbing material for compost.

Product declaration:

Mulch: pH(CaCl2) 5-6.5.
Composition: Chipped and graded pine barks.
Amount: Volume after mulch has been loosened 50 l .
Products are eco certified and suitable for usage in biological agriculture. Certificate issued if needed.
  Pine bark mulch 5-30 mm
. High quality organic pine bark mulch, containing less than 1%white wood.

The most universal fraction.

. Suggested to use for small needle leaved tree forms, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, highbush blueberries, and other small shrubs, also for all kinds of hedges.

. Perfect to cover larger areas like playgrounds, paths etc.

. Retains soil moisture and prevents erosion and weed growth outside as well as in containers and planters.

. Apply 5-7 cm thick layer.
  Pine bark mulch 20-40 mm
. Most decorative organic pine bark mulch containing larger bark chips, and less than 1% white wood.

. Larger sized mulch fraction best to be used for larger plants such as large shrubs and conifers.

. Should be applied in 5-10 cm thick layer.

. Most similar to natural pine forest ground cover.
  Probiotic pine bark mulch
. Especially suited for limiting illnesses carriers living in the soil.Limits mildew and other illnesses.

. Suitable for gooseberries, grapevines, roses and perennial phlox beds, terraces, balcony and indoor plants.

To cover the surface of a container with a 2-3 cm thick layer. It is highly advisable to add it to the substrate in proportion 1:4, if preparing soil for plant replantation. To obtain better results, it is advised to use liquid or granular, organic or organomineral fertilisers that contain necessary nutritions for microorganisms.

. Product declaration:

. Bark mulch: reaction on the round(ground) - neutral

. Composition: Chipped and graded coniferous tree barks
Selection of bacteria: Paenibacillus polymyxa, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus laterosporus, Bacillus licheniformus, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus pumilus

Volume after loosening: 18 L un 50L

This product is eco certified and suitable for biological agriculture in compliance with EU regulation 834/2007.